As a child, I always used to draw, paint and write little stories. Then along came Mrs Reasonable and made me study to become a teacher.

After a long journey, I realised this is not exactly how I imagined to make children fall in love with literature. So I locked Mrs Reasonable up in the basement, pushed a big cupboard in front of the door and took my first steps towards illustrating. 

To me, children are the true perfect grown ups. Their hearts and minds are pure and good and it is important to nurture this - I strive to do that with art. Quirky art that uses material and techniques children are familiar with and that will hopefully inspire them to go and get creative themselves. Quirky art that inspires children to read books and make them become smart grown ups with a big heart. Because I truly believe we need more of this kind of grown ups. 

And even though she will not admit this, Mrs Reasonable fully agrees.

I am represented by Essie White at Storm Literary Agency


and the “Meet the illustrator’ coordinator and reviewer at Kids Book Review.