A lot of things have happened both in private and professional matters during the last couple of weeks and it kept me from updating this blog. While most of it was purely positive, there were a couple of things I had to deal with that made me worried and unsettled and yet again I realised how much I love my job. Because it has the ability to calm me down and focus.

But let me tell you about the good things. A couple of months ago I have received an invitation to attend the Brisbane "Romancing the Stars" event - as a star! I have never been to one of these occasions and was very pleased to experience how well organised and how much fun it was. I especially enjoyed meeting authors and hearing about their books. Where else can you pitch your current book project to a large group of people from various areas within the kidlit industry and enjoy a chat and wine afterwards, too? People were so supportive, interested and lovely that I truly felt like a star on my way home afterwards. Until I came home and had to stack the dishwasher, of course...

What happened only shortly before the Romancing the Stars event was more of a shock. A very happy shock but a shock that still leaves me flabbergasted - on a Tuesday night while I was cooking dinner, a lovely friend of mine sent me a message to tell me that my pirate book "The World's Worst Pirate" (written by Michelle Worthington, published by Little Pink Dog Books) was announced CBCA Notable Book of 2018!! I basically stared at my phone screen for a whole minute, almost dropped it in my Bolognaise and couldn't process this news!  I find it hard to explain what this means to me without sounding cheesy and too emotional. If you go back to my first blog post you will know.

Shortly after this announcement there was a CBCA Book Slam happening and I volunteered to impromptu introduce our little pirate book to the audience. I think it was then that I clearly noticed "The World's Worst Pirate" is pretty special in its own little way.  I'm only at the beginning of my career and there are certainly things about this book I could have done better BUT it is a special in the sense that it brought together people who are thoroughly passionate about the process of creating books for children. Creators who supported each other in this project and believed in each others passion and skills. And I am so happy for all of us to get noticed this way.

So I am very much looking forward to the next upcoming CBCA event on the 27th of March to find out who will make it onto the shortlist. Good luck to everyone!!!


PS: Can you see the CBCA Notable Book sticker?? Can you? Can you? :)

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