Just to spare some of you the disappointment - this blog post will have nothing, absolutely nothing to do with elves. 'Elf' simply means eleven in German and hereby marks my eleventh post on my Wunderkiste. I might add a drawing of an elf at the end but that's then all you get today. Sorry. :)

Other than not writing about elves I meant to talk about New Year's resolutions and how I never come up with any. I don't have a deep, philosophical reason for that. (On a side note - this might seem to you like a post about not having and not doing anything but I assure you quite the contrary is the case :). I'm a rather practical person when it comes to things that need to be done. So I do them. Straight away without a resolution to start on Monday. Or the New Year.

Then 2018 happened and I was sitting at my desk (probably eating chocolate, I can't remember...) thinking "shouldn't I have come up with a list of things to do, reach for and attempt in the new year??". It is one thing to actively NOT decide to lose weight or be more patient with your children. Or dust behind the TV more regularly. But when it comes to your business, shouldn't you always update your business plan and especially when everyone else gets antsy in anticipation of a new shiny year? Probably yes.

And I will do that. As soon as I feel it needs to be done and not because the calendar tells me. In my experience Queensland's hot and humid summers and the busy-ness of having three active kids (and all their friends) home during school holidays doesn't really empower me to feel at my freshest, most determined business-savvy self. If anything it turns me into a bootcamp-like damage controller with frizzy hair and ice-packs on her head. But happily so at museums, parks, indoor-climbing with my kids. Desks and business plans have to wait until that sort of energy comes back to me.

I'm not saying it didn't worry me. Hence the ice-packs on my head.

But then this funny thing happened: I've let go (or: I swung the white flag) and despite the lack of planning, things fell into place and opportunities presented themselves. The illustration work for my next picture book ran smoothly and I finished them in the time-frame I had in mind. My social media strategy succeeded and pushed my Instagram account over the 2K mark. I've started a grant application and submitted it successfully. And last but not least a local wine company approached me about a job which I am currently working on.

Sometimes things just 'work out'. I have to remember that next time when nothing works.