When the feeling of standing still and frustration got the better of me a couple of weeks ago (see NEUN) and I decided to do something about it, I also reminded myself of how important it is for me to catch up with like-minded people from the industry on a regular basis. Not just chatting via Facebook but face-to-face, crumbly muffins, traffic noises-kind of catch ups. I always leave more inspired, more connected and I always learn something new. I also made an effort to go to meetings of all the lovely writing and illustrators groups I am member of here in Brisbane. Such as Writelinks which is an amazingly well organised and structured group led by our genius Yvonne Mes.

In Writelink's latest meeting, through all the noise in my head of new business plans and the determination to try new things in a focused and scheduled way there was one thought brought to us by the lovely Lyn Halliday. I am sure it not only fascinated me with its simple yet strong message - remind yourself of your achievements! 

I must confess I hardly ever remind myself of my achievements or even consider them that because I feel I am at a too early stage to pat my back just yet. But why?

Maybe it is a good idea to finish for the year with a blog post that lists past achievements and use this as inspiration to keep going strong next year. If you haven't done this yet I suggest you join in and I am sure you will be surprised, too, how much you will gain from this simple little exercise. And with that I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and creative new year!!


Things I have achieved in 2017:

  •  started a blog and updated it (mostly) regularly
  •  new shiny website
  •  worked at New Farm State School as extracurricular art teacher
  • taught my private art class with beautiful results, two students will be attending the art excellence program at KGSC
  • created a school reader for MacMillan Education
  • successfully launched the "World's Worst Pirate"
  • signed another contract with Little Pink Dog Books and started work on the new project
  • provided sample illustrations to Little Hare (Hardie Grant Publishing)
  • great feedback by Affirm Press, Jill Corcoran Agency and Andrea Brown Agency
  • guest speaker at Independent Education Union awards ceremony
  • admin at Inked artgroup
  • created children's and grown up's illustrating workshops
  • attended Kidlitvic and CYA