When I started this blog I wanted to make it all about my process of becoming/ being an illustrator and in that way hopefully to inspire people in the same or similar situation to do their "thing".

Today, however, I feel like I need to deviate from that and tell you about my first love - ha! got ya! - in art and drawing: ink. For those of you who are not familiar with it let me just introduce you to a global artists' challenge named 'Inktober' that is being celebrated every year during the month of October. It was founded by Jake Parker a couple of years back and encourages artists to create one ink drawing per day and then post it on social media per #inktober throughout Inktober. As Inktober culiminates in Halloween the themes people choose for their drawings are quite often a bit darker and Halloween-related. Something that I thoroughly enjoy.

There is an official prompt list for everyone to follow but for no particular reason I never do. I recently got encouraged by our amazing Queensland SCBWI branch manager Sheryl Gwyther to illustrate a set of nursery rhymes for my portfolio. At this point, I'd like to thank her for her ongoing support and always inspirational ideas. It is so helpful to have such passionate people around you and I very much appreciate all of her advice.  I suspect Sheryl might not have had ink in mind when she suggested it to me but this year I decided to do nursery rhymes with a dark twist for my Inktober 2017 then. So far it has been lots of fun and also very interesting to explore Australian nursery rhymes. As I have raised my children here in Australia (two were born in Germany, one in Australia) I am familiar with most rhymes but I was rarely aware of the historical backgrounds to them.

Drawing one ink piece every day for an entire months might sound somewhat easy to do when your profession is that of an illustrator but I'd like to assure you it isn't. This is only my third year of joining #inktober and I told myself to take it extra easy this time in sight of my current workload. There have been occasions, however, when drawing WHILE cooking dinner seemed like a fantastic idea just because I couldn't make it earlier in the day and my natural stubbornness kept me from forfeiting.....

Inktober does not only mean a lot of practise with the ink medium but also an explosion of my portfolio which is great. I am planning to upload more of my Inktober creations some time soon here on my website and I hope you will enjoy them. Obviously it also means a massive source of inspiration to have a look at other artists' ink creations during this time and I usually find at least a handful of new artists whose work I admire and start following on social media.  What I mostly love about Inktober, however, is that I feel like I can present more of my 'other', middle-grade side  and thus it is a very freeing experience. Bring on the skeletons, so to speak! 

I suppose I should now images let do the talking rather than words and hope to have ignited some curiosity in you for Inktober. Hope to see you or you and your work there soon, too! And here goes a small collection of my inktober work throughout the past years.....enjoy the darkness ;)