...with a rock!

Sometimes when I sit in my studio and draw, paint or write my youngest daughter comes in and brings me little presents. Mostly hand made things because she loves craft. But then she also brings items she thought looked interesting or beautiful on her way back from school. One day a pine cone, then the other day a beautiful, child-hand-big grey rock. With smooth edges and a heavy feel that narrows towards the top.

That small rock is precious and important to me now. And it made me think how small things can sometimes gain a big meaning. This is how the story of Anton started to grow.


Anton is a friendly little pig living in stone house with blue shatters. One day he decides to throw a gooseberry party for his friends and because he loves his friends, everything needs to be perfect. But what if “perfect” becomes a string of never ending tasks? Anton Pig finds himself in exactly that kind of pickle and it makes him feel very overwhelmed. When finally  everything seems to go pear shaped Anton luckily remembers what his granny would have advised him to do…

Anton’s Perfect Plan is a tale about what overwhelmed little minds can think to calm themselves, keep going in a relaxed way and finding beauty in the things achieved.